Make Your Overseas Trip Tax Deductible

Travelling overseas to attend a work-related seminar can make your trip tax deductible and result in a significant
tax refund on your flights, accommodation and meals. Our seminars cost $200.


Bangkok – Thailand
Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam
Siem Reap – Cambodia


Tax Deductible Seminars from $200

Our seminars are held in some of the most popular holiday locations
and are scheduled to allow you and your travelling companions time to explore
these exciting destinations and to mix business with pleasure.

Tax Deductions For Employees and Employers

 Our seminars are aimed at employers and employees. They can help business owners and executives grow and develop their businesses while employees can increase their skill set and make themselves more employable and versatile. Employees can use the acquired knowledge to seek workplace advancement or career change.

Flexible timetable and versatile topic choices

Our seminars are designed and scheduled to fit in with your regular daily activities. All attendees are provided with an official attendance certificate of these work-related lectures for their tax records and accountants.  We can also organise individualised seminars for small groups or companies.